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At Dr Pradeep Reddys, our mission is make medicine for everyone, not just a minority of people.

About us

Once a dream, now a reality.

Dr Pradeep Reddy’s Laboratories was founded with a key principle in mind: to give the best for its customers.

Founded many years ago by Dr Pradeep Reddy himself, our company aspires to create and distribute a variety of chemicals to the world, and make medicine for everyone.

Our Products

A few things we are very good at

We supply a wide range of our products to the world. Our products are created from carefully selected materials, and our state of the art equipment and huge network of suppliers means that the possibilities for our customers are endless.

For corporate customers

We may be able to offer customized services for our corporate customers, such as bulk supplies and volume discounts. Contact us to find out more.

  • Quick responce
  • High quality chemicals
  • Samples
  • GMP Certified

Down to every
last detail

Using our finest, state of the art equipment and carefully selected chemists, our products are of the highest quality. Still not too sure? Request a sample to try it out first.

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